Robert B. Morrill

Independent Arbitrator and Mediator

Over Forty Years Experience as an Arbitrator and Mediator

During my years of law practice I tried, arbitrated or acted as an ADR neutral in many business disputes in all fields.  My experience taught me that arbitration can be a rapid, economical and flexible method to solve any business dispute, including the most hotly contested.  A satisfactory arbitration, however, requires an arbitrator who can strike a balance between effective case management and the wishes of the parties and their counsel. 

 In my arbitration practice I proactively manage procedural issues, information exchange and schedules in order to keep the arbitration moving within reasonable bounds toward the hearing, while respecting the needs of the parties.  I believe that arbitration exists to serve the parties and that an arbitrator should fashion an arbitration to serve their collective goals, subject at all times, of course, to the arbitration agreement, the rules of the forum and the spirit of arbitration. 

 I was a co-founder and partner for 25 years at Skjerven Morrill MacPherson LLP, one of the preeminent technology law firms of Silicon Valley, and finished my law practice career with ten years as a litigation partner at Sidley LLP, a large international firm.  In both firms I was litigation counsel and an ADR neutral in a wide variety of disputes across many industries, including computer hardware and software, semiconductor design and fabrication, communications devices including television, wireless and telephone, medical devices, drugs and gaming devices.  I handled patent and other IP infringement, license, contract and general business litigation in these industries and others.  I am one of the few arbitrators and mediators with a patent and technology background and extensive experience in resolving patent and other IP disputes.   

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576 Greenwich Street
San Francisco, CA 94133


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