Representative Cases


Representative cases handled as a sole arbitrator or panel member include:

  • Breach of contract claims arising from the international sale of software and technology to design and manufacture chip-sets for wireless devices.
  • Contract and fraud claims arising from purchase of a major international engineering firm
  • Patent and technology ownership issues regarding quartz inertial sensor solid state gyroscope patent and technology
  • Claims for nonperformance under a contract between Japanese and Taiwanese parties for the manufacture of chips for camcorders
  • Technology ownership, contract and tort issues arising from alleged failure to develop interactive product sales website
  • Technology transfer and contract claims involving DNA micro arrays
  • License breach claims alleging misuse of credit reporting computer software
  • Termination of software re-seller's license for breach of contract
  • Contract breach issues involving design and production of custom integrated circuit for a video camera
  • Breach of contract issues involving a license to resell software
  • Breach of contract to provide worldwide air charter services for multi-branch international school
  • Claims arising from law firm dissolutions, including allocation of assets and liabilities, ownership of name and client accounting issues
  • Infringement of patents in the electronics, communications, electric lighting, construction, earth-moving equipment and other areas
  • Claims arising from alleged breach of license to medical laser patent and know-how
  • Claims for termination of license to major apparel trademark
  • Claims involving computation of earn out in sale of telephone exchange
  • Issues arising from alleged breach of an agreement to purchase optical disk products
  • Claims for software license breach including interpretation of license provisions and computation of damages
  • Claims for breach and wrongful termination of agreement to outsource IT services for a major Silicon Valley technology company
  • Patent ownership and trade secret claims involving silicon polymer chemistry processes for manufacturing semiconductor circuit products
  • Claims between Southeast Asian companies concerning the design and implementation of a system for tracking and controlling semiconductors manufacture
  • Claims for inaccurate billing and phantom telephone charges by a major US mobile phone carrier
  • Claims arising from a contract for search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Claims for breach of sellers’ covenants in a major corporate acquisition, including claims of failure to provide GAAP-compliant financial statements
  • Breach of contract claims regarding obligations of distributor of major sports equipment and apparel brand to contribute to fund for promotion of the mark


Representative cases handled as a mediator include:

  • Trademark and unfair competition claims in many areas, including apparel, web addresses, wine labeling, sports broadcasting, banking, home security products, use of meta-tags in online searching and agricultural equipment
  • Copyright claims in many areas, including software, literary works, art, photographs and sculptural works
  • Patent infringement or ownership claims in many areas, including optics, semiconductor design, semiconductor fabrication, electronics, medical devices and displays, power supply controllers, computer displays, software, LCD displays, printer technology, camping equipment, satellite radios and internet security.
  • Contract, license and trade secret disputes involving the biotechnology industry, semiconductor wafer processing technology, microprocessor core technology, automotive audio designs and learning systems.

Special Master

Representative cases handled as a special master include:

  • Advising the U.S. District Court for the Northern district of California on disposition of summary judgment motions in multi-patent infringement litigation between two manufacturers of fiber-optic communication switching devices.
  • Advising the Santa Clara County [California] Superior Court on discovery issues in litigation involving a healthcare startup.
  • Advising the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California on discovery issues in litigation involving contracts between major film studios and a departed executive